Morocco, Sun destination with a thousand and one flavors...

Morocco, translated from the Arabic Al Maghrib literally the place where the sun sets has remarkable tourist advantages: its climate, its specific culture, its imperial cities and its geographical position offer the incomparable advantage of combining a variety of landscapes with a unique cultural and historical richness.

From the dunes of the Sahara to the Atlas Mountains via the Atlantic coast, Morocco offers an astonishing number of visits and discoveries. The architectural and cultural richness of the northern medinas, the dream beaches and the desert at the gates of Ouarzazate make Morocco a sunny destination with a thousand and one flavors.

A rich and diversified cultural heritage, a geostrategic position as a link between Europe and Africa has enabled it to enrich itself as well as to enrich prestigious civilizations.

An environmental heritage of great diversity, a real playground for activities, from the Mediterranean coast and the Rif region which have magnificent canyons and green valleys to the Middle Atlas without forgetting the Atlantic coast, nearly 40 different ecosystems sheltering 4000 varieties of plants and 400 species of birds coexist in Morocco through around thirty national parks and nature reserves.

Morocco "Land of Light" is definitely positioned among the most coveted world tourist destinations, its notoriety and its attractiveness to the international public grows every year and its trendy image with new generations of travelers make the Kingdom of Morocco a destination to be enjoyed.

BOARDING PASS DMC invites you to open the doors of the Kingdom where thousands of jewels await you.